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There are many factors to consider in the design of a memorial, but choosing a headstone inscription font is one that is often overlooked. The font will have a huge impact on the entire design and will add character to your memorial, so it is important to find the right one. The main factor to consider when selecting a font for a gravestone is legibility; you want your memorial to be clearly understood for years to come.

Fonts for headstones generally fall into four categories:

01 – Serif

Serif font on paper

These are established, formal fonts that feature small decorative strokes at the ends of each letter. Serif fonts are commonly used for print as their design is easier and quicker to understand than some other types of lettering.

02 – San Serif

San Serif font on a headstone

San serif fonts are considered more modern than traditional serif fonts. They don’t include the decorative strokes seen on serif strokes, and are often used on the web.

03 – Gothic

Gothic font on a headstone

Gothic fonts, also known as Blackletter or Old English fonts, are more elaborate than standard fonts; they are made up of dramatic thin and thick strokes. They often feature swirls on the serif, making them more distinguishable than other fonts.


04 – Script

Example of script font

Script lettering is based on calligraphy and mimics cursive handwriting. It is made up of fluid strokes and is often used an elaborate alternative to Serif fonts.


Selection of fonts

Selecting a type of font to use should be the first step, as different font types are suitable for different memorials. A huge aspect to take into consideration is the material used for your memorial. Some stones are too coarse for thin script fonts to be engraved into them, whereas softer materials such as sandstone will look more attractive with a thin script than a heavy block one.

Granite is a popular choice for memorials due to its hardwearing properties, but this is often unsuitable for thin fonts. Slate is also a common choice for a headstone, but its unique composition doesn’t allow for deep cuts. Therefore, slate headstones are best suited to thin, elegant fonts with flourishes and swirls.

Gold font inscription on a headstone
White font on a granite headstone

It is also important to consider the style of memorial you are selecting as this should also impact the choice of memorial font. For example, the best choice for a Gothic style headstone is a similar, old-fashioned Gothic font. The classic style of a Gothic memorial is better suited to fonts such as Times New Roman or Old English, whereas a more modern serif font would appear out of place. Alternatively, more modern headstones will be complimented better by a simple serif or script-style font.

The style of font you use plays a key role in the overall feel of a memorial, but finding the right one can be a challenge. There are lots of options available, but our expert team are on hand to offer any advice and guidance in finding the right headstone inscription font for your memorial.

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