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Losing a loved one is a deeply emotional experience, and one way to honour their memory is by delivering a heartfelt eulogy during their memorial service, funeral, or celebration of life ceremony.

A eulogy is a tribute speech that allows you to share cherished memories, celebrate their life, and express your love and gratitude – but you may be wondering how to write a heartfelt eulogy or be unsure as to what you should include within it. 

In this guide, we will provide you with 7 practical tips and guidance on how to write a meaningful eulogy that truly captures the essence of your loved one.


A man being comforted by his friend while delivering a eulogy at a memorial service

1.      Start with a Warm Introduction

Open your eulogy with a warm and heartfelt introduction that sets the stage for the tribute to come.

Thank those in attendance who have come to pay their respects and take a moment to acknowledge your unique relationship with the departed.

By sharing a glimpse of your personal connection, you create an immediate and profound bond with the listeners, fostering an atmosphere of empathy and understanding.

This initial introduction lays the foundation for the poignant journey you will embark upon together in honouring the life and memory of your loved one.

2.      Reflect on Their Life & Legacy

Take a moment to reflect on the rich tapestry of your loved one’s life and the profound impact they had on those around them. Delve into their unique qualities, remarkable achievements, unwavering passions, and the core values they embraced.

Before putting pen to paper, allow yourself the space and time to gather cherished memories and meaningful anecdotes that will shape your heartfelt eulogy.

These reflections will serve as the foundation for your tribute, ensuring that it resonates deeply with those in attendance.

3.      Share Personal Stories & Memories

One of the most powerful ways to honour your loved one is by sharing personal stories and cherished memories. These anecdotes offer glimpses into their character, values, and the impact they had on others’ lives.

Choose stories that highlight their unique qualities, memorable experiences, and the meaningful connections they formed. Recall moments of joy, laughter, and inspiration that you shared together.

By sharing these stories, you not only keep their memory alive but also create a lasting tribute to their life and legacy.

Let the memories come alive through your words, painting a vivid picture of the person they were and the indelible mark they left on the world.

4.      Highlight Their Achievements & Contributions

Take a moment to recognise the remarkable achievements and contributions that defined your loved one’s life.

Whether they excelled in their career, made a significant impact in their community, or touched hearts through acts of kindness, these accomplishments deserve acknowledgment.

Share specific examples of their achievements, emphasising the positive difference they made in the lives of others.

By highlighting their accomplishments and contributions, you honour their legacy and inspire others to carry forward their spirit of excellence and compassion.

5.      Express Your Love & Gratitude

Now is the time to express your profound love and gratitude to your beloved departed.

Speak sincerely from the depths of your heart, conveying the immeasurable impact they had on your life.

Share how their presence shaped you as an individual and the valuable lessons they imparted.

Express your heartfelt appreciation for the precious time you spent together, cherishing the memories created and the bond you shared.

By expressing your love and gratitude, you honour their enduring presence in your life and ensure that their spirit lives on in your heart.

6.      Offer Words of Comfort & Hope

During times of profound sorrow, it is vital to extend words of comfort and hope to those who are mourning.

Share poignant thoughts, heartfelt poems, or meaningful quotes that resonate with the emotions of the moment.

Provide solace and reassurance to the grieving, reminding them of the everlasting impact of their cherished one’s life.

Through these words of comfort, offer a beacon of hope that can guide them through the darkness, helping them find strength, healing, and a sense of peace amidst their grief.

7.      Honouring Their Memory

As you draw your eulogy to a close, take a moment to summarise the essential points and underscore the profound significance of your loved one’s life.

Emphasise the lasting impact they have had on those around them and encourage all who are present to carry forward their memory.

Inspire others to honour their legacy by embracing acts of kindness, embodying their cherished values, and extending support to causes close to their heart.

By continuing to celebrate their life in these meaningful ways, their memory will endure and continue to inspire generations to come.

Writing a heartfelt eulogy is a profound way to remember and pay tribute to your loved one. By reflecting on their life, sharing personal stories, and expressing your love and gratitude, you can create a eulogy that truly honours their memory. Remember, it’s okay to feel emotional while delivering the eulogy. Let your words flow from the heart and know that your tribute will provide comfort and solace to those in attendance who are grieving.

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