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Following a cremation, many people choose to have a loved one’s ashes interred.

This is a process that involves the burial of cremation ashes in a permanent location. The interment of ashes is something many families choose to do as it allows loved ones to visit the burial site and in some cases, a cremation memorial, in the same way they would visit a traditional grave.

There are many locations that allow ashes to be interred, but it is important to find the right place for your requirements.

The cost for the interment of ashes can vary significantly depending on where you choose the burial site to be.

There are different options available for how to bury ashes, but it is important to consider the restrictions surrounding certain burial sites.


A church graveyeard

Many cemeteries have a section specifically dedicated for the burial of cremation ashes. This is usually a Garden of Remembrance, which is a specific site where the burial spot can be marked with a shrub or a tree.

Other areas allow a small headstone or tablet to be placed on the interment site.

To inter ashes in a cemetery, you will need to contact the authority in charge of your selected cemetery to purchase the lease to a burial plot. This can differ in each cemetery but is often for a period for around 75 years.

There will be specific guidelines that need to be followed for the internment of ashes. The internment of ashes is usually attended by family, and often a committal ceremony will take place.

There are many cemeteries in Barry and Cardiff that allow ashes to be interred.


Church graveyard

The process of interring ashes in a churchyard is very similar to that of interring ashes in a cemetery.

There will likely be a dedicated area for the burial of ashes, and you will be required to carry out an application for a plot.

You will need to follow the specific procedures of your chosen church, and will likely be required to have a full ceremony carried out by the minister.

There are many local churchyards in Barry and Cardiff that offer space for the burial of ashes.

Natural Burial Ground

Natural burial ground next to tree in field

A natural burial ground is an environmentally friendly option for the interment of ashes.

These are usually woodland sites that only allow biodegradable urns to be used and do not permit the use of headstones.

Flowers, trees, or shrubs can be used to mark the place of burial.

There are many natural burial ground sites in South Wales, including Thornhill Cemetery and Coedarhydyglyn Park in Cardiff which are designated for the internment of ashes.


Private Land

Private land for interment of ashes

In the UK, ashes can be interred on private land with the landowner’s permission.

This can be legally carried out on any private land if the Certificate for Burial or Cremation (commonly referred to as the ‘green form’) has been completed, and the landowner is prepared to safely store a Burial Register.

People often wish to bury the ashes of a loved one in their garden, but it is important to remember that any future owners of the land can prohibit visitation to the burial site.

What about pet ashes?

Burying pet ashes is another common query with the rise in popularity of pet memorials.

It is perfectly legal to scatter pet ashes in your garden provided you own the property and land.

You can also bury your pets ashes or body in biodegradable urns or caskets, such as the Willow Round Ashes Casket, Willow Small Pet Coffin or Willow Large Pet Coffin, Eco Burial Urn for Pets or Living Urn For Pets System – all available from UK based pet memorial specialists Rest Easy Pet Memorials.


A columbarium

A columbarium is a structure that is dedicated for the holding of cremation remains.

It is usually a room, wall or building where cremation urns are stored.

This an above-ground interment solution and is often chosen due to faith.

They are often found in cemeteries across the UK.

Alternatives to interring ashes include the scattering of ashes, retaining ashes in an urn and creating a bespoke keepsake with cremation jewellery.

Here at CJ Ball Memorials, we have a team of expert family advisors who are able to offer expert advice and guidance for the interment of ashes in South Wales. Our team are on hand to help you find the perfect place to inter a loved one’s ashes, using our expert knowledge of burial sites in Barry and the surrounding areas.

Contact us today to find out more about the interment of ashes.

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